Welcome to Cepiaclub & The Cepia Club LLC


Definition of “cepia”--An acronym, meaning: “community ending public ignorance and apathy.”    

Definition of “club”--Noun: An association dedicated to a particular interest or activity.

Definition of “LLC”--Limited Liability Company.

The Cepia Club LLC—A limited liability company, a for profit business, of individual associates and their associated groups, aiming to create awareness and activism in individuals and among organizations; done at the community-level—for peace and prosperity. WE USE AND ADVOCATE REASONABLE SOLUTIONS VIA THE INCREASE IN PERSONAL CHOICES AND GROUP CONSENSUS, TO FIX PROBLEMS AND EXPAND OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL.     

Mission Statement: "Connect people to the ideas and available resources of other people,  for collaboration toward a humane future of peace and prosperity, liberty and justice, FOR EVERYONE; by using the markets of ideas and commerce to end ignorance and apathy; all means to one end: The increase and protection of individual Liberty through more choices and in a general consensus."    

What is The Cepia Club—A business  connecting methods, services, tools and talents for leading, managing, communicating, and sharing ideas and skills; to create and build peaceful and prosperous communities. We advocate for free-minds and free-markets, peaceful relations and fair transactions, for all peoples world-wide

How we do it—Research and multi-media development; multi-media management, market and media relations, and project leadership.

Why we do it—To teach others the benefits of personal stewardship, responsible business, and contributing to the general good of all communities, through practicing among men and women, the natural rights of free conscience, free-&fair-market, free assembly, and free and open dialog.

Where we do it—Located in the St. Croix Valley of Wisconsin, we focus on our local region, and extend activities and professional offers outward, to the Great Lakes Region of the Midwestern United States of America, and elsewhere.

When we do it—Now begins the future!! But, we started in practice in 1995, and began in earnest in December 2007.

Who does it—People, businesses, organizations, and others with a common interest or desire for peace and prosperity.

Platinum Commitment-- To help ourselves best by helping others at the same time.

Four Commitments (long form): First Commitment: “To do only that which is good and necessary for peace, justice, liberty and freedom." Second Commitment: "To find a way to benefit the common good by well-thought acts." Third Commitment: "To work to create a mutual effect on one person's good fortune willingly contributing to the well-being of the community." Fourth Commitment:"To help others in order to help ourselves."    

Our Vision--Educated individuals active in political, economic, cultural, and social issues will bring positive change through action at any level of involvement.

Our Values--Family provides the bedrock of human civilization. Families live within a community, with the community serving as the core means of comfort and survival for a serene, emotionally and materially prosperous human life. Individual fulfillment within the family is dependent upon the health and strength of their community in providing a tolerance of ideas and a free-and-fair market for commerce. Communities can fulfill the human spirit only through cooperation, tolerance, understanding and acceptance among neighbors, as well as among nations. Direct individual, positive, peaceful and constructive involvement, in the spirit of mutual interests, within a local community, enriches the quality of all human life, generating peaceful resolution of differences and cooperation within, between and among all communities everywhere.