Welcome to Cepiaclub & The Cepia Club LLC


Definition of “cepia”--An acronym, meaning: “community ending public ignorance and apathy.”    

The Cepia Club LLC—A limited liability company; a for profit business; composed of individual associates in the Cepiaglobal Associated Membership Program (CAMP); aiming to create awareness and encourage activism for political, economic, social and cultural solutions to all problems, at the household level and that of their community.

Cepiaclub—A loose and informal (and unofficial) organization of people who have committed in some way to further the aims of peace and liberty; for their own benefit and to the benefit of all.

Mission Statement: "Connecting people through community media products and services--to inform liberty; promote fair and prosperous free markets; motivate society in a consensus of common purpose; and grow peace with a program called, Liberty International."


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