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Contact: Tim Krenz, Owner, The Cepia Club LLC; & Director, Cepiaclub


October 11, 2023


Cepiaclub’s Statement on the Israeli-Hamas War of 2023


As both a business and an organization of like-minded people, all devoted to world peace and prosperity, we look with horror on the events taking place in and around the State of Israel and the territories of Palestine, particularly that of Gaza. While the elements of the state of war that now exist all predate the recent and current events, it has myriad causes, harmful influences, and the conflicts of rights and interests for everyone it involves.


The Cepia Club LLC and Cepiaclub denounce the initiation of force and violence—in any form—by any nation or group or individual, in order to solve political, economic, social, or cultural differences.


Our groups believe in the dignity of the individual to protect themselves and their families and friends, and to have sole and undivided self-ownership of their personal opinions, bodies, properties, and to “the bread of their own labor.” In order to own these rights, and the sacred responsibilities for them, people must remain free from the threat or use of force by anyone who would cause them harm or steal these fruits of life from them.


We work so that each person everywhere may enjoy and pursue their happiness, free from the ageless sources of conflict, those human demons of fear and greed: Causes for war upon others or by others.


In the world of human liberty and freedom we hope to build as a movement and philosophy for life, we believe war comes more often and becomes more deadly as political leaders militarize foreign and defense policies. As a result of the misuses of power by the powerful, war has become profitable for the few who make most of the decisions. The insanity of war and escalation, and of reprisal and retribution, must all come to an end. If not, humanity will destroy itself.


The Cepia Club LLC and Cepiaclub ask people everywhere to work with us using positive, tolerant, spirited, and peaceful measures to help us build a world where liberty and freedom thrive without war and its corruption of the human soul.


May we achieve the universal dream:


Peace on Earth; Goodwill toward All.


Thank you,


Tim Krenz

Owner, The Cepia Club LLC; & Director, Cepiaclub

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