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Underground Life:

The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles

By Tim Krenz

Paperback $15.00 (+S&H & tax)

Kindle $4.99 (+tax)

Review: of Underground Life: The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles by Tim Krenz

Review by: JD Schloss


Fantastic book! Though autobiographical, The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles is at once—and throughout—relatable and tells “our story”. It is about a place and a man navigating reality in that place, but thats what each of us is doing. The place, be it the St Croix Valley or Anywhere, USA is really just a backdrop for the important work on my place in the world. The Chronicles brim with humor and wisdom. I appreciate the author’s passion and resilience and self deprecation. The book gives me opportunity to ask myself, if I dare, important questions about my authenticity and compassion or lack thereof.

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