Welcome to Cepiaclub.com

Rev. November 27, 2020



Here on our Hive Site, visitors can access all of the main points and parts, and the general outline, of Cepiaclub. Part free philosophy, part for-profit business, part information network, and part activist list, Cepiaclub unites a diverse set of opinions, viewpoints, peoples and groups for both public and private aims. Our public aim seeks to use “community ending public ignorance and apathy” (“cepia”) in order to create a better living for all, first locally and, then, globally. Our private aim seeks to create a profitable business for our employee(s) and associated membership to sustain our activities, all in order to continue our work toward the public aims.




NOT a non-profit organization, but a business using entrepreneurship and the free-market to sustain both the public and private aims, Cepiaclub nonetheless has created a unique model for a useful public good through ethical private enterprise. In this model, we have sustained our operations in media development and individual activism since our informal beginning in 1995. (CEPIA Club LLC, which owns www.cepiaclub.com , incorporated in 2007). We care about humanity's survival and we care about the world we must inhabit. By operating Cepiaclub, we have done much good and plan to do more.


In our enterprises, our constituents, our clients and our customers, we have developed an organization based on mutual cooperation, close collaboration, broad consensus, and general benefits whereby we help ourselves and try to help as many other people at the same time to try and help themselves, too.