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Cepiaclub Podcast Series: St. Croix Valley Almanac: Ep. 1 Practical Steps You Can Take For the COVID19 Emergency. On Youtube. LINK CLICK HERE. 

Cepiaclbub COVID19 Status Report March 23, 2020. Read on our Blog.

Agenda—Cepiaclub Coronavirus Meeting Discussions Download here from our Blog (Open-Source)“Plans mean nothing; but planning means everything.”


Description of Cepiaclub


Cepiaclub presents news, ideas, people, and leadership in multi-media formats. We cover and offer current events, topics, projects, and instruction for informed citizenship and personal activism.  We use mainly publishing and audio-visual formats, and project management, in a for-profit business format. We work to raise awareness of issues of great concern to any person, community, organization, or globally, and provide options for independent and group solutions to problems.


Cepiaclub.com supports Four Enterprises: The Cepia Club LLC, the owner and core business of the site. CepiaclubNet, forms a wide-ranging network, free and with an open enrollment. The Cepiaglobal Associated Membership Program (CAMP), a paid and rules-based group of individuals who form a social and activist club that provides Cepiaclub.com with skills, guidance, resources, and personnel. And, finally, Cepiaclub Projects, a listing of current and ongoing activities of Cepiaclub.com.

The "Big Catch." We do our own projects, supported by advertising revenue, as mentioned above. We sell some of our own products (on this site, too: see Store ) Sometimes, we even may help individuals on an ad hoc basis. HOWEVER, we also do work for pay!  The Cepia Club LLC offers the following services:

Research and writing; reports, articles, business and strategic planning and plans, studies, models, etc., etc. We DO NOT do ghost writing (which we would otherwise consider fraud). We also advise and manage on public relations projects, community media projects, and consulting, administrative, and management services to non-profits, public events, and political efforts and causes. We do funds raising and advertising campaign management. If interested in hiring any part of Cepiaclub.com's enterprises, serious inquiries please Contact Us for more details . Finally, please feel free to roam our site, with our compliments.


Tim Krenz

Director, Cepiaclub.com

Owner, The Cepia Club LLC

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