New Release July 2020

from Kapheira Press

Underground Life:

The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles

By Tim Krenz

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$15.00 Paperback

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Cepiaclub presents news, ideas, people, and leadership in multi-media formats. We cover and offer current events, topics, projects, and instruction for informed citizenship and personal activism.  We use mainly publishing and audio-visual formats, and project management, in a for-profit business model. We work to raise awareness of issues of great concern to any person, community, or organization.  Most importantly, we provide options for independent and group solutions to problems. supports Four Main Enterprises: Our First Enterprise: The Cepia Club LLC, the owner and core business of the site producing and selling books, magazines, journals, audio-visual programming and other media products; Our Second Enterprise: CepiaclubNet, forms a wide-ranging network, free with an open participation. Our Third Enterprise: The Cepiaglobal subscription, a paid and rules-based group of individuals who form a social and activist club. And, finally, our Fourth Enterprise: Cepiaclub Projects, a listing of current and ongoing activities of Cepiaclub.

We do the following: Research and writing; of reports, articles, business and strategic planning and plans, studies, models, etc. . We advise and manage public relations and community media projects. We consult, administrate, and manage services to non-profits, public events, and business and private efforts and causes. We do fund raising and unconventional advertising campaign management. Please feel free to roam our site.


Tim Krenz


Owner, The Cepia Club LLC

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