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The Polk County Libertarian Party Sponsors


Libertarian Campaigns & Activists Workshop Mini-Conference


Saturday, July 16, 2022, 10 AM to 5 PM

Northern Lakes Center for the Arts

113 W. Elm Street, Amery, WI 54001

Come Share, Teach, Learn and Connect with Others. ALL WELCOME!

$25 at the door. Pizza lunch and refreshments provided.

For questions or to register, contact us.


Cost breakdowns: $15 for lunch, etc. $5 materials. $5 rent/etc. for facility=$25



Theme: “Building Leadership to Win ‘the quiet war’”


Registration & Introductions, &tc. 9 AM to 10 AM


Syllabus for July 16, 2022


I. BIG Picture (1 hour)

A. Defining politics & the political economy

B. How does policy get made?

C. Nature of War

D. Conditions of Peace


II. Planning for Victory (1 hour)

A. Decision-making processes

B. Functions of logistics

C. Considerations of place/geography

D. Time-lines & scales of goals


III. Means of Doing (2 hours, working lunch)

A. Objectives & Visions

B. Organization & personnel

C. Surprises! Expect them; Use them

D. Flexibility & the calculations of risks


IV. Methods—The Four Rules of Leadership (2 hours)

A. Take CARE of your people!

B. Use what you do have, and go with what you got!

C. Clarity, clarity, clarity, and more clarity. . . .

D. Combined-&-massed effects of initiative—Let the workers do their work!


Final: Summary, conclusions, evaluations, & a Conference Report to the LPWI (1 hour)