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Libertarian Party of Polk County, WI


Contact: Tim Krenz





July 5, 2024




Libertarians to Host Third Annual

Candidates & Campaigns Conference


The Libertarian Party of Polk County, Wisconsin, invites party members from anywhere, and any supporters, any activists, and any other generally interested folks to attend the Third Annual Candidates & Campaigns Conference. The event happens Saturday, July 20th, at the Village Pizzeria in Dresser, WI. The leadership and activist training conference starts at 10:30 AM, and runs to around 2 PM.


Facilitated by The Cepia Club LLC, the conference will explore the topic of: “Between the Polarities of Power: Where Libertarians Can Add Value and Leadership.” While not required, the attendees could read or have familiarity with two short historical works: The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli, and “On Civil Disobedience,” by Henry David Thoreau.


These easily obtained and read essays will guide the initial discussion points. Based on those references, the conference will share in forum-style discussion and brainstorm how Libertarian Party candidates and campaigns fit into modern politics. The conference aims to conclude on how libertarian leaders and activists can best publicly prosper from the Party Principles of “Do NOT harm anyone; and Do NOT steal from anybody.”


The event has a free-will donation for registration, and organizers ask only that attendees purchase their own food and beverages. Please, feel free to contact Cepiaclub to pre-register, if desired.


After the conference, the LP Polk County invites everyone to the Wannigan Days Festival and parade three miles north of Dresser. For more info, please visit or email Tim Krenz at .



LP Polk County and the Third Annual Conference Extravaganza!


Come Join Us!


The Libertarian Party of Polk County Members (LPPCM-Wisconsin) proudly announces its Third Annual Candidates & Campaigns Conference.


Come join Libertarians and other guests from everywhere, from 10:30 AM to 2ish PM, Saturday, July 20, 2024, at the Village Pizzeria, in Dresser, WI (54009—WI St. Hwy 35). The attendees will discuss the nuts and bolts of running for office and organizing campaigns at all levels of office. It will also share everyone’s experience with outreach to the public, getting votes, and building a strong cultural movement for the present and future of Liberty!


The event organizers, with facilitation by The Cepia Club LLC, ask only for a free will donation, and that attendees have food and beverages at their own expense. For more information, visit , or contact Tim Krenz by email at: .


Following the conference, join the LPPCM, and LP-Wisconsin and LP-Minnesota members and others at the Wannigan Days celebration in nearby St. Croix Falls, WI and Taylors Falls, MN. Join the fun by walking in the 5 PM parade as proud Libertarians! Show us your Liberty!


Do not miss this third and exciting installment of the Candidates & Campaigns Conference!

Libertarian Party of Polk County Members


Contact—Tim Krenz,



July 7, 2023




US Senate Candidate Coming to St. Croix Falls Area


ST. CROIX FALLS, WI—US Senate candidate Phil Anderson, from Middleton, WI, will visit the St. Croix Falls-Dresser area during the Wannigan Days festival, Saturday, July 15th.


Phil Anderson, a Libertarian Party (LP) candidate challenging the two major parties in the pivotal 2024 elections, will headline the “Candidates & Campaign Conference,” held that Saturday morning from 11 AM to 2:30 PM, at the Village Pizzeria in Dresser, WI. The forum, open to the public and press, and hosted by the Libertarian Party of Polk County Members, welcomes everyone to lunch on their own expense, to meet Phil and to meet other local and state Libertarian Party members, activists, and volunteers.


Phil Anderson campaigns under the theme of “Disrupt the Corruption” of the two-party system ruining the nation. He will answer questions at an informal meet and greet following the St. Croix Falls Wannigan Days parade that Saturday evening, near the Historical Society buildings on the corner of Washington Avenue (the main drag) and State Street. Come meet Phil and other Libertarians and enjoy the Wannigan Days party! “Wisconsin’s Fun-Archy begins here!” For more info, contact Tim Krenz at and visit Phil Anderson’s campaign website at .

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