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Review: of Underground Life: The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles by Tim Krenz

Review by: JD Schloss

Fantastic book! Though autobiographical, The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles is at once—and throughout—relatable and tells “our story”. It is about a place and a man navigating reality in that place, but thats what each of us is doing. The place, be it the St Croix Valley or Anywhere, USA is really just a backdrop for the important work on my place in the world. The Chronicles brim with humor and wisdom. I appreciate the author’s passion and resilience and self deprecation. The book gives me opportunity to ask myself, if I dare, important questions about my authenticity and compassion or lack thereof.

 Underground Life:

The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles

By Tim Krenz

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What J.D. Schloss says about The Cepia Club's own persona mira Pi Kielty

My uncle, Stokely Bazam, was a man of few words.  Or so he'd say before launching into some effusive paean recounting the glories of his dead friend PI Kielty.  I grew up on these adventure stories.  There was the one about teenage Pony Express rider Kielty doing a backflip off his horse after arriving at the Colfax depot in record time.  Another mad tale centered around rocket ship travel and Kielty spearheading the colonization of Jupiter.  My favorite though was hearing about Kielty belting a homerun off Bullet Bob Ripshaw that dotted the "I" in "GIN" of the Senators Club billboard high atop the right centerfield wall at The Palace of The Fans ballpark.  This guy was a comic book hero if there ever was one.  Time collapsing writer and poet? Diminutive jockey? Brave spaceman? Strapping right fielder? "He was all those things, boy," Uncle Stoke would say as he'd walk to the bookcase and take down the fraying Spalding horsehide.  He'd flip it to me and ask me to read the inscription on the ball.  I have that ball on my nightstand.  It reads, "It's mad tales that spin the world.  Your friend, PI Kielty."

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Review of Pi Kielty's The Mad TAles

By J.D. Schloss


When Kielty tasked me with writing a review of his collection of “Mad Tales”, my first thought was, “He must think I have something more to say than, “I liked it and it was really cool when.”. Pure self-centered fear from a novice reviewer, notable only when one considers that “Mad Tales” is almost wholly an exploration of fear! Kielty brands this as, “The Auto-Horrific” and explains this and the perils of what he calls “Alternative Realism” in the book’s forward…writing that, like Kielty himself is; paradoxically, inscrutable and transparent at once.


We know what we know and what we don’t know is always lurking, primed to catalyze our undoing. The treachery of fear-personified by the bumbling Todd-courses through “Darkness of the Lake” and forces the reader to identify with or run from how he or she confronts the world. Is our ignorance villainy? These Mad Tales are a skillful study of the infinite permutations of self-sabotage unawares, the Auto-Horrific and/or Alternative Realism.

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