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Market-rate Current Subscription Dues:

New Entry $50.00 for the calendar year.

Renewal Subscription: $40.00 for the calendar year.

(Discounts, waivers, trade and other exchange etc. available upon negotiation. Make us an offer?).

Rates As of January 15, 2021.

Contact us for an application packet.

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Cepiaglobal makes up one of the main enterprises of CEPIA Club LLC. Cepiglobal contains the dues paying associates involved with Cepiaclub. Either by invitation or open application, individuals in the program represent a cross-section of skills, resources, contacts, or geography, that helps The Cepia Club carry out its mission statement: “Connecting People. . .with Community Media.”


Part social fraternity, part research and debate group, part media networking service, and part activist and work pool, Cepiaglobal Candidates pay a market-rate entry subscription (see above). Established Associates pay a yearly renewal subscription, also by a market rate, to maintain Full Member and active status in Cepiaglobal. Cepiaglobal has its own rules, mostly organizes itself in many ways, and it uses peer reviews and other tools to maintain its business and program affairs. Cepiaglobal expects all associates to maintain a fairly strict code of conduct and some rather demanding and rigid ethics with each other and in their offers or requests.


While partly autonomous, Cepiaglobal Associates remain accountable to themselves and to each other, also operates under the guidance of a program director, one appointed by CEPIA Club LLC. On the other hand, the Associates determine their own needs for officers and organization and leadership, including the choice of a formal President. Cepiaglobal DOES NOT discriminate based on age, race, creed, wealth, illness, identity, or gender. The Associates, though, determine acceptance and status within its ranks based on a loose criteria of a strong business resumè, conduct code, and any contribution to the program.


Cepiaglobal sets the Associates’ standards and tests of reasonable reliability, commitment, and credibility, etc. to keep its own integrity intact and to follow-up Associate commitments as a whole. At any time during the term of an Associate, the decisions of CEPIA Club LLC and the program director remain final, after an appeals process, such processes defined by Cepiaglobal.


Anyone may apply to join Cepiaglobal by filling out an application packet. Upon approval and acceptance of the application, the applicant should pay the market-rate subscription for entry dues (or other agreed arrangement) to receive the benefits of Cepiaglobal as a Full M ember in good standing.” No one holding an elected public office may concurrently hold “Full Member” status during the actual term(s) of their public trust. Instead, they may revert to “:Inactive” status, with the the subscription dues and some benefits, etc. suspended until such time as their term in office ceases and they update their subscription.


Associates receive as a special and exclusive part of their subscription the early edition of the quarterly journal, The Cepiaglobal Strategikon, and other regular and special publications, benefits and offers given to Cepiaglobal as approved by CEPIA Club LLC.


All decisions by CEPIA Club LLC, and its appointed representatives, concerning Cepiaglobal remain final.

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