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Open Source Material--Networks Outline

To: Friends, associates, staff, and participants of Cepiaclub

Community Reporting System Outline ( and elsewhere, wherever possible)


Purpose: Set up a check-in and support networks for our local community and immediate surroundings, (or other locales, whenever possible), which will provide a means of mutual, morale, and material support during the COVID-19 emergency, whether a limited quarantine, full quarantine, no restrictions, or in normal times. We extend the guidelines here for other parties to use on their own, or in connection with ours

Reason: Use the Network:

a) to maintain contact with the area's hosts points; b) to pass information on the state of things; c) to keep the network current with important information, d) to establish feasible chains of trade and barter in goods and services for restocking vital supplies, if necessary, d) and to generally update each other on everyone's doings that will affect, or can help, the entire network in positive ways.


Means: In the CepiaclubNetwork reporting system, the system needs to develop and utilize all media resources and hardware: cell phone (text and talk), landline telephone, email, website, online audio-visual chats, internet broadcasting, direct word-of-mouth, two-way or one-way radio, postal mail, special delivery, and any other open- or closed-source resources and hardware.


Method: Within an open-forum, open-sourced system, the CepiaclubNetwork wants to know about and/or function around the following six (6) areas of information:


      1. Daily local conditions—news, weather, sports, and traffic. 2) A personal daily anecdote on the emergency situation, something funny or serious, but one that gives perspective on the host reporters situation. 3) One item to share with others, a “tip for surviving the emergency,” but make it something practical, useful, and applicable to the open-forum. 4) “How is your network?” Cepiaclub leaves the identities of everyone's own personal sub-networks an option to share or not share, so that anyone can remain anonymous. 5) Rumor control: What did the hosts reporters or someone they know do to stop rumors, etc. and how did they all spread real information. (Trust but always verify)? 6) What does everyone need or want? What can the networks help everyone find and obtain?


SubNetworks: We encourage everyone to create, as mentioned above, their own personal networks. What the host reporters share and do, and how they manage their networks, have nothing to do with Cepiaclub. But Cepiaclub advises each host reporter, however, to use discretion and maintain anyone's desired anonymity. On the other hand, the wider the sub-Networks each host has will make all the connected networks stronger. Finally, use the CepiaclubNetwork as an open-forum, open-sourced system. Refer anyone to our website, . Remember, in times of trouble, positive ideas and actions carry a lot further. Most of all, we encourage forward thinking, and positive solutions to overcoming this crisis, and others, on where do we go from here forward. We implore everyone to not worry too much about the past, but work toward the future of peace and prosperity.


Disseminating Networks: Methods and means and schedules of reporting into the network will follow at a later time. CepiaclubNetwork will disseminate, with anonymity (if requested) for the reporting hosts and their networks, the relevant information in various formats to other CepiaclubNetwork participants. We will use at least two public formats for purely public, general news and the positive insight information. We will continue to email and print the Ubet Gazette. Also, we have started the podcast, St. Croix Valley Almanac.


Conclusion: Treat this request as open-source material. Others may freely use it, on their own or in order to connect with CepiaclubNetwork.


Thank you!!