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Clips & Credit

CLIPS Have Kicked Off! Officially Started

Beginning on April 1, 2024, The CEPIA CLUB LLC has officially started the CLIPS coupons project.  The note coupons (and the book-marked variety), specially made and certified (if you see one, check! [Details below]), will now have a designated floating value,  registered on this page, and unofficially in other Cepiaclub media.

Current value of 1 (one) CLIPS as of 04/02/2024. 15:21 CDT, rests at a $5 discount on eligible goods and services from The CEPIA CLUB LLC.

Officially now noted as:  "CLIPS@=$5" or simply expressed as "C@=5"

See details on this site or in our publications for THE CEPIA CLUB LLC goods and services eligible for a coupon discount, either in part or in whole.

Definition of a "CLIPS"? The acronym stands for "Collateral Liability In Products & Services."

How do we certify physically the CLIPS notes?  Other than book-marked CLIPS Credits, which carry the same announced value, the actual CLIPS notes look oversized, and all the different notes rated in "1s," "5s," "10s," & "20s," have four different mechanism for certification:  1) The signature of the Administrative Control Officer, a.k.a. ACO; 2) the date of signature and the issued note; 3) the serial number hand-written on the note by each series code; and 4) the official impress stamp of THE CEPIA CLUB LLC. Reminder: Until further notice, we will not post pictures of the notes on this site).

NOTE DISCLAIMERS? Each note has a text description printed on it.  If using the CLIPS note as a coupon, please read carefully. Final judgements and arbirtration reserved solely for THE CEPIA CLUB LLC.

Public Disclaimer: THE CEPIA CLUB LLC reserves the right to challenge and refuse coupons or any claims of notes or book-marked variety deemed fraudulent or counterfeit, by the solely-owned process and at the sole and final discretion of THE CEPIA CLUB LLC.

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