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Notable and Ongoing Projects--

Project 6--Cepiaclub Games & Theory: 

The Cepia Club designs,  produces, conducts model simulation game planning and studies, on political-economic and diplomatic-military issues, in areas current, future and historical; and also composes results for cultural and social affairs and trending. We do so for profit, or private business clients, and also to share in our publications (where appropriate).


Project 10--PiK. Media: 

Our in-house media production cooperative. An informal group of associates, friends, and Network Participants, PiK. Media creates our own broadcasting content for community partners, Pikzl TV, Radio Mira, and for our paying clients. Price levels vary, according to our capacity to deliver the amount of quality and professionalism clients want to hire. PiK. Media focuses on the "Family Standard" of content, and the content's relevance for and to the betterment of our participating communities.

Project 30--Project C.A.R.D. (Cepiaclub Advanced Research & Development):

Studies into integrating new and emergent technologies into The Cepia Club LLC and the greater world. We involve ourselves in the theory, design, production, and/or acquisition of the technology into our operations, and promote useful, safe and efficient use in developing more autonomous families and communities.

Project 31--Cepiaclub Trade:

Helping communities and individuals develop local, free and fair markets for direct investment and sustained growth for themselves in their regions--connecting supply and demand.

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