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December 31, 2021


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Polk County Libertarian Party Meeting


Libertarian Party members in Polk County will host a meet & greet & chat at 6:30 PM, Tuesday, January 11th, at the Village Pizzeria, on WI Hwy 35 in Dresser, Wisconsin.


The gathering, open to the public and the press, plans to informally discuss the following topics: “Liberty and Duty—Creeds for Civil and Moderate Politics;” and “Libertarian Activism—Individual Ethics and Consent for Non-Violent Change and Reform.”


For more information on the Polk County meeting on January 11th contact Tim Krenz at . For more information on the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and to view its platform visit .

Welcome to

Rev. November 27, 2020



Here on our Hive Site, visitors can access all of the main points and parts, and the general outline, of Cepiaclub. Part free philosophy, part for-profit business, part information network, and part activist list, Cepiaclub unites a diverse set of opinions, viewpoints, peoples and groups for both public and private aims. Our public aim seeks to use “community ending public ignorance and apathy” (“cepia”) in order to create a better living for all, first locally and, then, globally. Our private aim seeks to create a profitable business for our employee(s) and associated membership to sustain our activities, all in order to continue our work toward the public aims.




NOT a non-profit organization, but a business using entrepreneurship and the free-market to sustain both the public and private aims, Cepiaclub nonetheless has created a unique model for a useful public good through ethical private enterprise. In this model, we have sustained our operations in media development and individual activism since our informal beginning in 1995. (CEPIA Club LLC, which owns , incorporated in 2007). We care about humanity's survival and we care about the world we must inhabit. By operating Cepiaclub, we have done much good and plan to do more.


In our enterprises, our constituents, our clients and our customers, we have developed an organization based on mutual cooperation, close collaboration, broad consensus, and general benefits whereby we help ourselves and try to help as many other people at the same time to try and help themselves, too.


Mission & Goals


The mission statement of all of Cepiaclub, “Connecting people. . . with community media” unites the effort of everyone involved in our organization as whole, as well as the business arm, CEPIA Club LLC. In connecting average people and their affiliated groups, other businesses, and general institutions to ideas for better understanding, we empower them. And by connecting these parts to ethical, moral, peaceful and positive actions to create true peace and prosperity in their communities and around the world, people can use that empowerment to create better futures for everyone.


Empowering others via the mission statement of “Connecting people. . . with community media” has an endless charge, for our long-term goals remain eternal: To create a world that functions with the “Four Freedoms” intact. Those Four Freedoms, as the stated Allied goals in the Second World War fighting tyranny and racism and theft and war, read as follows. “Freedom of Conscience. Freedom of Speech. Freedom from Fear. Freedom from Want.” If good enough to fight greatest evils then, we see them as worthy goals now, and forever more. Getting to a world where those Four Freedoms have permanence and sanctity takes effort. That effort we give.


Our Organization


To summarize our organization, it has four main parts:


First, “Cepiaclub”—A loose affiliation of individuals and groups working toward our goals of the Four Freedoms. While we have no formal structure or rules to belong in the sobriquet “Cepiaclub,” these individuals and groups have the freedom to adopt our ideas and concepts and practice our methods, and belong or not belong according to will and whim. They may use our designated free literature and various guidelines, but they may not, however, represent us, nor may they use our copyrighted material registrations, etc., without express permission from CEPIA Club LLC.


Second, CEPIA Club LLC—Our business arm, CEPIA Club LLC functions as a general producer and distributor of copyrighted media content, whether written, digital, image, or sound. We have media products and media and business services, both production and consulting services, available. We do make some products and services free, or only as part of a subscription associated membership. Furthermore, CEPIA Club LLC owns , and serves as the general manager(s) of all constituent parts of Cepiaclub, CepiaclubNet, and Cepiaglobal.


Third, CepiaclubNet—This part of Cepiaclub enables a virtual, physical, personal and group network for communications of interesting and important ideas and activities of the Cepiaclub organization and enterprises. Anyone and everyone may join CepiaclubNet free of charge, and withdraw at any time without prejudice. CEPIA Club LLC reserves the right to moderate the membership and all content, including rejection and banning anyone for any reason that violates our standards of conduct or content. WE AIM FOR A FAMILY-ORIENTED AND HEALTHY STANDARD OF COMMUNICATIONS. To join or for more information, visit our CepiaclubNet page.


Fourth, Cepiaglobal—Our “group of like-minded folks” forms our premium subscription-based associated membership in Cepiaglobal. Anyone may apply twice for membership, or we will only offer someone membership once. Candidates must usually submit a resume with their subscriber application packet (click here for our Cepiaglobal page for more info or the packet), unless either or both get waived. Yearly dues for Cepiaglobal remain voluntary for the present time, with the dues set at a market-variable rate at the time of application, for both entry and yearly renewals. In lieu of dues, we sometimes may accept partial payment in traded or bartered goods and services. WE DO NOT DISCRIMATE AGAINST CEPIAGLOBAL SUBSCRIPTION CANDIDATES FOR ANY UNLAWFUL REASON. Just like applying for a job, we accept or reject candidates based on what they offer to the group's mission and success. Otherwise, anyone may apply. Subscribers to Cepiaglobal receive all published digital and some hard copy media materials, including early access to media products and services, such as our policy journal, Strategikon. Subscribers also receive special offers, discounts, invitations to events, gatherings, deals, opportunities, etc., when offered by Cepiaclub. We ask Cepiaglobal subscribers to have like-minds on our mission for “Connecting people. . . with community media,” and to work toward our common goals—i.e. The Four Freedoms.




For more information on Cepiaclub and its parts please search our Hive Site at , or follow the leads and connections wherever they may go. Use our contact page here to request more specific information, submit general inquiries, or to make serious offers.


Thank you for reading!




Tim Krenz

Owner, CEPIA Club LLC

Director, Cepiaclub

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